Stam Supports Strong Family Bonds – Daddies & Daughters

Daddy Date BannerFrom the first time your baby girl gazes into your eyes and stumbles over two syllables, “Da-da” every father is hooked.  As the child grows, so does the complexity and importance of this strong bond. Stam is committed to providing families in the local community an environment conducive to conversation and creating fond memories.   Read on to learn why making the time to focus on this relationship is critical to your daughter’s well being now and in the future, and discover creative ways to get connected.

Importance of the Daddy Daughter Relationship Over Time













From infancy, children find a strong sense of security from their primary care givers. Your emotions and interactions, if consistent and predictable, will create a source of stability for your young daughter. Your interactions serve as her “first impression” of how the world wants to interact with her. If you take the time to care for her and even listen to her chatter, as incoherent as it may be, she will find worth and joy from you, her father.

When your child is young, although it seems they are not as aware, any time spent together is helping build good habits for future interactions together. From the beginning you are building a good trust foundation.





As your daughter begins sprouting into a young woman she will be faced with new challenges from her surroundings, peers, and circumstance. Dads have an opportunity, when they typically would shy away from the instability of a young woman’s emotions, to be the hero. On a daily basis young girls are filled with ideas from the media, and friends that are often sending a negative message. A large focus on outward appearances may pressure an insecure girl into getting her worth from those matters alone causing a host of issues.  A father’s input for his daughter has the power to help her combat these negative thoughts in a very strong way.



The most important aspect of the relationship is building a trust that allows for open communication. Spending time together is vital to accomplishing that feat. It is also important that you remember you are both human and make mistakes so when that occurs, apologize to your daughter, just as you would expect an apology if you were truly wronged by someone. Admit your shortcomings in an honest way and it will allow her to do the same.

Five Daddy Date Ideas


1. Visit Stam for coffee, hot chocolates, sweet gelato in a home like atmosphere. There is a cozy sofa, individually decorated cafe tables, and crystal chandeliers that provide the perfect setting for long conversations. See below for a special daddy daughter event and great deal coming up this month!

2. Go cloud watching. Free and fun, all you need is a quilt and a cloudy forecast.

3. Make a photo scavenger hunt. Grab a list of your favorite birds or spots to visit and take along a camera. This is the perfect activity when the weather is nice!

4. Go to the theatre for a play or ballet. You will find satisfaction in supporting a local troupe or ballet company, as well as find entertainment. Make it a formal occasion and dress up, open car doors, and maybe even surprise her with flowers.

5. Buy a face painting kit and paint each others faces. She will hardly believe she has the freedom to paint yours!

Stam Daddies, Daughters, and Desserts


Join us for our first “Daddies, Daughters, and Desserts” Sunday August 25th anytime from 1:00pm to 5:00pm.  Any father who brings in their daughter receives one free chocolate with the purchase of two drinks or a gelato and drink combo.


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