Stam Holiday Gift Guide 2013


The holidays can be overwhelming with all the events, preparation, and shopping. We wanted to make it easy for you at Stam by giving you a straight forward, easy to use guide for holiday shopping at Stam. Whether you have $5.00 to spend or $50.00, we have just the gift to make your holidays bright. Read on to discover the sweet deals here at Stam!


First things first. Everyone knows that shopping is better during the holidays with a warm drink in hand. Before you begin shopping our wide selection of gifts, stop by our coffee bar to purchase our famous hot chocolate or any other coffee drink your heart desires.

The guide below highlights some of our best products at prices below $5, $10, $20, and $50 to fit every budget! Our smaller options work well together in your own assembled gift basket, or ask us to assemble one for you and our trained staff will pick a tasty gathering of treats anyone would be glad to receive this holiday.

$5.00 & Under

IMG_2230Stroopwafels $3.95

These Dutch wafers  are filled with honey and caramel giving them a subtle sweetness that are good enough to eat on their own, or outrageously tasty when eaten with ice cream. They are small enough to use as stocking stuffers, and work as great fillers in a gift basket. To honor these European treat’s tradition,  set the delicious wafer on top of hot tea, coffee, and other hot drinks!


Les Anis De Flavigny Rose candies $3.95

100% natural anise treats are white, pea size, hard candies. There are no GMOs, artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners.  Flavigny is a long standing business and has been in operation since 1591 in France. The ingredients are simple and delicious – anise seed, sugar, and natural flavoring. These are again the perfect size for stocking stuffers.

$10 & Under


Chocolate covered espresso beans $6.50

Chocolate covered anything is always a success, but these covered beans will give a welcomed kick of energy. At this price point they make a perfect hostess gift and stocking stuffer.


Even sports fans will find specialty chocolate treats to satisfy their cravings for the sweet taste of victory. Support the Cyclones in spirit with these ISU inspired boxed chocolates.


6 piece pre-assembled boxed chocolates $8.95

These beautifully packaged chocolates come in a gilded box with a gold bow. They are ready to gift pre-selected chocolate treats saving you the time of selecting each one.

$20 and Under


Hot Cocoa Mix 1 lb. $17.95

There is nothing more satisfying than coming in from the cold to a cup of hot cocoa. Stam has an original blend that will give you the classic European flavors you love in liquid form. This is a perfect gift that will keep giving every time you crack the lid to make another  delicious cup.


Pashmina Scarves $11.95

You want believe how soft these Pashmina scarves are! Beautiful to look at and incredible to touch, this is a sure success for any gift recipient. Priced at just $11.95!


Custom gift baskets – You name the price, we assemble accordingly!

We take orders for custom gift baskets that will fit the personality and likes of your gift recipient. Let us use our expertise to assemble the perfect pairings from our selection of fine European Chocolates and local Iowa Wines.

$50 & Under


Chocolate Log Box with Harvest Bonbons – 12 Bonbons $32.95, 24 Bonbons $49.95

This one of a kind Log Box would make the chocolate lover’s holiday season one to remember. It would make a beautiful centerpiece and contains Harvest Bonbons making it a gift that continues to give. What other gift allows you eat the packaging? Its green design perfected!

We of course offer our famous bonbons hand selected by you as a way to custom assemble your gifts for others. Chocolate makes a wonderful gift for most anyone and is a sure bet when gifting someone you don’t know as well.

Remember to shop local this Christmas!

Happy Holidays from all of us here at  your local Ames Chocolaterie Stam!


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