Cooking with Cocoa Helps you Host Holiday Guests

Stam baking chips 2013

Thanksgiving and the Christmas holiday are around the corner, and with them comes opportunity for entertaining and hosting. We here at Stam want you to consider us a resource for hospitality, unique gifts, and of course our Fine European Chocolates.  Continue reading to discover how three delicious recipes, and other Stam amenities can help you host your next big event with class.  We even have videos, printable recipe cards, and original music from Sam Packard so you’ll definitely want to read on!

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Stam Supports Strong Family Bonds – Daddies & Daughters

Daddy Date BannerFrom the first time your baby girl gazes into your eyes and stumbles over two syllables, “Da-da” every father is hooked.  As the child grows, so does the complexity and importance of this strong bond. Stam is committed to providing families in the local community an environment conducive to conversation and creating fond memories.   Read on to learn why making the time to focus on this relationship is critical to your daughter’s well being now and in the future, and discover creative ways to get connected.

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